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Pre-Primary Classroom

The five specific areas of the Pre-Primary classroom are: Practical Life, Sensorial, Language, Mathematics and Cultural.

Practical Life – A child learns to pour, polish, sweep, paint, glue, make suds, cut paper, work with clay and other activities that teach order, concentration, coordination and independence.

Sensorial – A child learns about colors, shapes, sizes, textures, sounds and smells through the use of specially designed, sequenced materials. These also teach order, concentration, coordination and independence.

– A child learns to match objects, cards, learn phonetic sounds from sandpaper letters, chalk work, writing in sand, forming letters, blending sounds to read words and then on to a series of sequential set of fifty reading books.

Mathematics – A child learns to recognize numerals, learn about quantity and match it to the symbol, learn about place value, addition, multiplication, subtraction and division, skip counting and writing.

Cultural – A child learns to appreciate other places in the world through concrete objects and lessons, songs and photographs. They learn through maps, flag making and matching.