The Children's House - Montessori Preschool does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, ethnicity, religion, or national origin. We invite all to come, to learn and to join our village of learners.

The Children's House

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1112 Parkway Drive, Goldsboro, NC - Across from the Family Y

The first six years are so important to the development of the child. Maria Montessori stated that the child becomes an integral member of the family and culture to which they belong. Our school emphasizes the importance of attitudes, manners and values in the first years of a child's life.

At the Children's House, we believe as Maria Montessori believed, that the arts are an essential component of life. We value and encourage the "creative spirit" within the child and provide opportunities for art, music and movement.

Montessori Preschool

The Children's House - Montessori Preschool opened in 2004. It provides a safe, nurturing environment for children ages fifteen months to six years. Visit the Children's House and you will realize the very special place that it is. Enroll your child in our programs and become a part of "the village that raises a child."

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